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Hard disk drive conditions

11/1111/11Brand new HDD in its sealed packaging
10/1110/11HDD with a maximum of 3 days use
9/119/11Used HDD certified in perfect condition
8/118/11Used HDD with S.M.A.R.T. values 100% OK
7/117/11Working HDD with S.M.A.R.T. warnings
6/116/11HDD can initialize, but has serious problems
5/115/11HDD cannot initialize and spins quietly
4/114/11HDD cannot initialize, spins but clicks
3/113/11HDD spins with scratching noise
2/112/11HDD without circuit, for other parts
1/111/11Only Printed Circuit Board (PCB) is for sale
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Shipping costs

We offer different options to ship the hard drives or printed circuit boards. The price depends on the weight, thickness, carriage time, and tracking option.

You can find here all available shipping options.

If you are purchasing only one item and want priority registered shipping, you can simply click on a "Buy now" button. If you want to spare on shipping costs as you are ready to support the risk of loss during transport and accept the fact having no tracking, click on "Add to cart" and "Pick shipping" buttons.

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